Admissions & Fees

Treehouse offers childcare to:

  • Families in which one or both parents are native English speakers
  • German/German families in which the child is exposed to a significant amount of English on a daily basis or, for example, the family is returning from/moving abroad.

Further criteria:

  • Depending on current openings we will also take into consideration the child’s age and gender.
  • We also look for parents who understand and actively support the concept of a parents’ initiative.

Annual Membership Fee:

  • €35 per family, payable upon admission to Treehouse.

Monthly Fees, including catering and food costs:

  • Daycare: €420 per month
  • Kindergarten: €430 per month
  • Deposit:  €1200
Hours per day Childcare Fees Total Fees* Daycare Total Fees* Kindergarten
up to 4h €236 €324 €334
4-5h €260 €348 €358
5-6h €284 €372 €382
6-7h €308 €396 €406
7-8h €332 €420 €430

* Total monthly fees include additional costs of €88 for daycare and €98 for kindergarten, which accounts for catering, snacks and classroom supplies.